Meet the Junior Staff

Maddie Carpenter

A self-proclaimed “Starbucks enthusiast,” Maddie Carpenter always has a Venti Strawberry Açaí Refresher in her hand. If you’re ever at the Starbucks on Quioccasin, keep your eyes peeled, because she is probably there too. Aside from spending her time drinking a ridiculously overpriced drink, Maddie plays travel volleyball and loves to spend time with her family and friends. She also loves to watch shows and movies on Netflix. On a regular Thursday night, you can find Maddie procrastinating on her homework and binge watching The Office for the third time. Maddie is a staff writer for The Commentator.

Maddie Cassidy

There are few things in life that Maddie Cassidy enjoys more than the ups and downs of a tech week at Freeman’s theatre department. An enthusiastic costume crew member, Maddie uses her best sewing, hot gluing, and phone-collecting skills to help create the best production possible. When not dealing with actors, Maddie can be found driving down River Road with her friends, drinking boba, reading, and bothering her swim coaches. Maddie is a staff writer for The Commentator.

Cameron Cavender

Want to talk sports?  If so, Cameron Cavender is your guy.  Cameron loves anything and everything to do with sports, especially baseball, basketball, and football.  He’s a fan of all the Washington sports teams, especially the Nationals.  Cameron is a dedicated baseball player who spends a lot of his free time practicing and going to the gym to work out.  A majority of his Saturdays and Sundays consist of trying to multi-task by doing his homework while watching football at the same time.  When he isn’t practicing, working out, or watching sports on TV, Cameron writes articles as a staff writer for The Commentator.

Daisy Fuller

When not writing for The Commentator, Daisy Fuller enjoys listening to music, drinking an excessive amount of Starbucks’ iced matcha lattes, and talking about her zodiac sign way too much. Daisy spends most of her free time at her dance studio or with her friends and family. Daisy’s main hobbies at the moment are watching Tik Toks and obsessing over Netflix shows she’s already seen a million times (shoutout to “Stranger Things”). Daisy is a Staff Writer for The Commentator.

Annabelle Glassman

Annabelle Glassman, the world’s biggest “Gilmore Girls” fan, is excited for her first year as a journalist, the first step on her path to becoming Rory Gilmore. Annabelle has enjoyed her time in the virtual newsroom so far. Annabelle is also a devout member of the Model UN club and has been since her debut in eighth grade. Through her time as a leader of logistics for the Moody Model UN, Annabelle learned a lot about the importance of communication and organization, skills which she intends to continue to strengthen while serving as a staff writer for The Commentator. 

Jack Harenchar

If you’ve overheard someone bragging about their rank in the National French Competition (he claims was 4th in the nation), then you probably heard Jack Harenchar’s voice, because we are pretty sure no one else cares… like anyone. When he isn’t flaunting his French skills, you can find Jack watching any and all sports (yes, even cornhole and the ESPN Slippery Stairs world championship), biking, or over-analyzing his undefeated Leadership Center fantasy football team. But don’t worry, if you’ve got a math question, Jack is your guy. Just as long as he isn’t playing golf, running his lawn business, or writing for The Commentator. 

Isabelle Hevron

When she isn’t playing tennis, Isabelle Hevron is probably procrastinating on her math homework and watching Netflix. Isabelle can talk for hours about how Stefen is the better Salvatore vampire, or how in love she is with Spencer Reid from “Criminal Minds.” What Isabelle won’t mention is how much money she spends on Starbucks and how she goes there everyday before work. Isabelle coaches tennis to little kids, and hates every second of it. Isabelle is also a huge Packers fan and is going to cry if they don’t win a ring soon. Don’t even get her started on VT: she constantly fights with her UVA friends about how much better the Hokies are.  Isabelle is a staff writer for The Commentator.

Grayson Horner

Grayson Horner is a strange, funny, and loud individual. When he isn’t writing articles for The Commentator, Grayson is likely watching Youtube videos about politics and news or reading a fantasy book. Just kidding, he’s probably sleeping. During normal school, you might find Grayson in the mornings at one of his many club meetings, either Model UN, Debate Club, Chess Club, or Young Democrats. If you ever see Grayson in the halls and want his attention, just shout a spicy hot political take and he will be sure to respond to you in milliseconds.

Ella Hurlbert

Relying on hot chocolate instead of coffee for her energy boosts, Ella Hurlbert is an introverted, music-loving leado with no solid sleep schedule.  A fourteen-year dancer, Ella’s love for music extends beyond the studio (even though she’s a high school chorus dropout).  She’s too shy for musical theater, so Ella now sings in the shower or whenever she’s home alone.  Speaking of home, never ask Ella to go anywhere on Friday or Saturday nights.  Those are reserved for writing.  An aspiring novelist, Ella is currently working on a super exciting project- don’t get her talking about it or she’ll never stop.  With her partner (and favorite writing snack) chocolate ice cream, Ella is exceedingly stubborn and will work until she gets the job done.  Ella is a staff writer for The Commentator.

Katherine Hynes

Katherine Hynes, a staff writer for The Commentator, is a junior at Freeman. When Katherine is not in school, you can find her watching “New Girl,” making mac and cheese, or playing soccer. Katherine enjoys watching movies and spending time with her friends and family. If you see Katherine, look down, she’ll probably be wearing slippers, her favorite choice of footwear. If you like tacos and think pineapple belongs on pizza, then you and Katherine would be the best of friends!

Kristina Kang

Obsessed with any fictional world from “Avatar: the Last Airbender” to the “Attack on Titan” universe, odds are Kristina Kang will be found micro-analyzing a show or complaining about being born in the wrong universe. Besides using fictional worlds as a force of serotonin, Kristina spends her time  writing for The Commentator, discussing US politics, complaining about (not really that early) early morning figure skating practices, and overthinking her existence in the universe in the cubicle that is her shower.

Jack Kelleher

Meet Jack Kelleher, Freeman’s resident hockey player. From the hair to the slang, Jack is your go-to-man concerning the greatest sport on earth. Not the most talkative fellow, Jack usually only speaks when there is a joke to be made or someone to be made fun of. Besides spending his weekends traveling up and down the east coast, Jack enjoys hanging out with “the bois,” being a contrarian in any argument, and serving as staff writer for The Commentator.

April Miller

If you play soccer, you and April Miller will get along great. Starting over 9 years ago as a forward who almost never scored, April now plays center defense, where, thankfully, she doesn’t have to shoot. April also has two poorly trained dogs, Bella and Newton who bark at any passing dog, but she loves them even when they’re annoying. When April isn’t playing soccer or walking her dogs, you can find her at Chipotle with her friends.

Claire Morris

An outdoors enthusiast, Claire Morris can be found hanging out in her hammock or even doing school from the treehouse in her backyard. Born in Colorado, hiking and skiing are in her blood (although she is still not too great at the skiing part, and spends most of the time falling down the slopes). Her favorite season is winter because she loves snow.  Even though we didn’t get any last year, you can still count on her to flush ice cubes down the toilet and wear her PJ’s inside-out anytime the temperature dips below freezing!

Russell Nystrom

We all know that kid that is constantly tired, always complains about having to wake up at four in the morning for swim practice, and always has the faint fragrance of chlorine. Russell Nystrom is that exact kid. Honestly, we’re unsure if Russell has any personality traits other than this. But if you have ever walked into a random class and seen someone on the verge of falling asleep in the back, you have probably seen Russell.

Emma Ridolphi

Hello! I’m Emma. I love creative writing, mixed media art, music, and video editing. I have two cats, an older sister, and a twin brother. When I’m not working at Chopt or criticizing late stage capitalism, you can find me replaying “The Last of Us” on my PS4 for the millionth time, listening to artists like Sufjan Stevens, Foo Fighters, and Grimes, or spending my paychecks on iced coffee (all while wearing my mask, of course). I’m also a writer for The Commentator!

Riley Speidell

Think you’re a fan of football game days? You’ve clearly never met Riley Speidell. A passionate DSF Band fan, she can be found dancing around the hallways on football Friday mornings in her cheer uniform. Fueled by a ton of coffee and more school spirit than most of Freeman combined, you will always find her with a smile on her face, unless you run into her while she is trying to give up caffeine for the 20th time this year (maybe it will work this time?). Regardless, she is very excited to be writing for The Commentator this year.

Hank Thompson

Hank has always been an Alabama football fan and enjoyed their success. Although the Crimson Tide has provided plenty to brag about it, being a Washington Football fan keeps him humble. Hank looks forward to watching Freeman games from the bench on Friday nights. He has an appetite for history (and Reese’s too). He enjoys visiting local museums and volunteers at The Virginia War Memorial. On the weekends, you will find him outdoors; hunting, fishing, landscaping, and even driving tractors. Hank is excited to develop his writing skills this year with The Commentator.

Sydney Tyler

Any day of the week, Sydney can be found in her natural habitat: a softball field, probably being judged by onlookers for her obnoxiously loud country music and iconic dance moves.  In her rare moments of free time, she can be found reciting Grey’s lines word for word, dreaming about traveling the world, and laughing at just about anything.  Sydney is always ready for a spontaneous adventure (bonus points if a sunset is involved), but don’t be surprised if she asks you to take a picture for her 1 second a day along the way.  This year Sydney is excited to join The Commentator as a staff writer.

Kieran Wall

If you’ve ever arrived at class only to realize you need to cram for a quiz or test, you already know KieranWall03, the Quizlet God himself. He’ll be the first one to tell you he’s lost part of his soul in those 3,000+ flashcards, but knows that if he stops now the grade’s GPA will probably drop below state standards. If you don’t know him from the Quizlets, you probably know him as the kid who climbs rocks and other objects and calls it his “sport”. Outside of school and climbing, Kieran enjoys sitting on the fence of political issues, playing video games with the boys, and going on runs at odd hours of the day and night. 

Brooke Ward

When Brooke Ward isn’t writing articles for The Commentator, you’ll find her snuggled up with her four Bernese mountain dogs: Ivy, Jax, Sawyer, and Finn. In her crazy household, you’ll find Brooke’s abundance of shoes – hopefully not being chewed by one of the dogs. A lover of Nike, Timberlands, Supergas, Vans, Converse, and more, you’ll never find her not searching for a new pair of sneakers. Some would say she’s addicted. When she’s not shopping, she’s busy working at SkateNation and playing softball. Aside from all that and her junior year workload, sleeping will take up the rest of her time!

Emily Waters

My name is Emily Waters and I am a junior in the center here at Freeman. Outside of the newspaper, I love to play volleyball. I play for Freeman as well as Richmond Volleyball Club. I love spending time with my family and friends. The beach, specifically the Outer Banks, is my absolute favorite place. French fries are my absolute favorite food, especially if there are lots of sauces involved. When not playing volleyball, going to the Outer Banks, or eating french fries, you can find me writing for The Commentator!

Taylor Widdifield

The leado who’s going to turn 18 halfway through their junior year? Yup, that’s Taylor Widdifield. When she’s not busy being old, Taylor can be found arguing over politics or anything else, really. Although, the loud blonde isn’t usually taken too seriously by her friends… because she’s only 4’10. Still not having her license, Taylor is only one inch taller than the maximum height for sitting in a booster seat. She loves making jokes and laughing with her friends.

Cindy Xie

Always finding some TikTok video to laugh at or share with friends, Cindy Xie loves spreading smiles through humor. However, when she’s not laughing, you might find her being stressed with school, like the typical leado. Along with the hard work she puts into school, she grinds it out on the tennis courts where she turns stress into power. Unlike many others, she does not have a strong liking for beaches. Instead, she would much rather travel to the scenic mountains to go hiking with her family and dog.