The Wonderful World of Freeman

Ella Mortimer Staff Writer With the turning of the first fall foliage, Freeman students prepare to enter the festivities and traditions that lead up to homecoming each year. According to senior class sponsor and Spanish teacher Sarah Snellings, the homecoming parade is a Freeman tradition that exemplifies the “diverse clubs and organizations” that make the … Continue reading The Wonderful World of Freeman

Junior Class Officers Have Big Plans

Riley Wilkes Staff Writer Junior class president, Jake Taylor, and junior class vice president, Lauren Hargrove, have big plans for the Class of 2021 this year. In 2018, Jake ran for sophomore class president. “I wanted to do something that would get me more involved with the students, teachers, and events at Freeman,” said Jake.  … Continue reading Junior Class Officers Have Big Plans

DSF Upgrades to a Digital Marquee

Josh DuPuis Sports Editor Throughout the past few years, Freeman has become more and more technologically savvy. We’ve moved our morning announcements from a closed circuit broadcast to a live broadcast on YouTube, introduced iPads which allow students to write on the projector screen, and now we’re getting a digital marquee.  Henrico County used to … Continue reading DSF Upgrades to a Digital Marquee

New Faces in Administration

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary Online Editors-in-Chief Freeman’s administrative staff is full of familiar faces in new roles along with a new associate principal. First, John Marshall has stepped into his role as Principal of Douglas Southall Freeman High School. Mr. Marshall said the biggest change he is experiencing during the transition from associate principal … Continue reading New Faces in Administration

Class Elections at DSF

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary Online Editors-in-Chief Each spring, Freeman holds class election for the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The class sponsors each hold elections and the students elect their president and other officers by voting via Schoology. This year, Freeman students elected two new presidents and re-elected one incumbent to represent their interests … Continue reading Class Elections at DSF

2019 Student-Faculty Basketball Game Cancelled

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary  Online Editors-in-Chief On the seniors’ last day of school, it is Freeman tradition to hold a student-faculty basketball game/pep rally in the big gym. While the concept seems simple, the event requires many different logistics to be planned months in advance. A team of seniors must be formed, a team … Continue reading 2019 Student-Faculty Basketball Game Cancelled