Opinion: Are Football Game Themes Getting Repetitive?

Alexa Mosley Staff Writer For Freeman students, falls nights mean Friday night lights. Football games are a regular opportunity to have fun with friends and dress up according to that week’s theme. “It’s been fun just to dress up with my friends,” said freshman Emery Troxell. So far this year, the themes have included Hawaiian, … Continue reading Opinion: Are Football Game Themes Getting Repetitive?

The “Most Stuf” Oreos Review

Emme Levenson Sports Editor Oreos, or “milk’s favorite cookie,” are one of the world’s favorite desserts, and they have expanded their flavor range immensely by changing the color and flavor of the signature white creme. Jelly donut, watermelon, fruit punch, red velvet, double stuf, triple stuf…. the list goes on with various flavors galore. In … Continue reading The “Most Stuf” Oreos Review