Meet the Staff from the Past


Mrs. Lombard

Mother of two and honorary mother to countless, Mrs. Lombard is the invisible hand behind The Commentator.  She is brave enough to teach freshmen English, and all the more brave to teach them again as juniors and seniors in journalism, for parting is such sweet sorrow.  In her Honda CR-V can be found a car seat, a pink Nalgene bottle, and freshly printed copies of the paper, depending on the day.  She enjoys reading The Commentator but only for grammar mistakes.  Her love for news is matched only by her love for Shakespeare; for this, she is the Staff Advisor for The Commentator.

Braxton Berry

Token minority to end all token minorities. Frequent master of the side-eye to West-end tendencies.  Jacket connoisseur, particularly of the denim and army types.  Actually an H&M model.  Insane ability to throw shade with them sick transition lenses.  Possesses approximately as much chill as a bonfire. Math protégé, seriously.  Can and will solve any math problem, star math student, very popular among math teachers of freeman.  Enjoys lasagna, like, a lot.  Will shamelessly cackle at the misfortune of others.  Also responds to “Caramel Drizzle.” Is an Opinions Editor for The Commentator.

Lauren Bruns

Lauren Bruns: God’s gift to the world. Lauren Bruns is the definition of perfect, just look on Urban Dictionary. Also, according to, Lauren Bruns is a synonym for perfect, flawless, divine, godlike, fabulous, sumptuous, luscious, heavenly, impeccable, pristine, deluxe, exquisite, and glorious. One may only speak to The Lauren Bruns after first being spoken to; unauthorized eye contact is strictly forbidden.  Notable aspects of Lauren include: doing an exact tomato impression when anyone talks to her, wearing a lot of bling, and being a dedicated student athlete. Lauren is an amazing soccer player, and she has committed to play for Clemson University. The Lauren’s worst fears are donuts, pizza, and intimidating others. You can easily find her when walking in the hallway because the hallway parts for her like the Red Sea. She is Sports Editor for The Commentator.

Julia Cassidy

Julia Cassidy can be found doing homework in the DSF library every morning, speed walking to class, and looking up cute pictures of dogs on google. Julia loves Harry Potter, old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, milky ways and sour patch kids, making Spotify playlists, and listening to the High School Musical soundtrack over and over. Julia is excited to be a Features Editor for The Commentator.

Katie Cooper

Health nut Katie Cooper refuses to end health program “The Whole 30” after thirty days. No one knows why; she may have trouble counting. But to her, “the Whole Thirty” includes “occasional” cake and Panera. When she’s not “avoiding” bread, she’s probably driving her alarmingly bright Mini Cooper to swim practice at 4 am. If your’e trying to reach Katie, dont. She’s either writing an article as the Editor-in-Chief of The Commentator Online, or listening to…questionable…music. She’s nice though.

Zoe Costello

Zoe Costello is just your average girl. When you walk down the halls between classes, you might catch a glimpse of her lanky frame bounding down the stairs. Her daddy-long-legs help Zoe to be a star long jumper on the spring track team. As a student-athlete, Zoe can find it difficult to manage her time between sports, school, and her job as chief ice-cream scooper at Ray’s Italian Ice, but she still finds time for herself every once in a while. When she’s not hard at work at Ray’s, she’s sitting down with her dog, Boo, to binge-watch every Shrek movie ever made. She is a News Editor for The Commentator.

Maggie Flournoy

When she’s not visiting the Cayman Islands for the millionth time, Maggie Flournoy can be found watching live streams of said beaches on the internet, yearning to be scuba diving and surfing (she says the cameras are for tourists, but at least one is probably a security camera. She hopes not to be arrested one day). More locally, she can likely be found in Mr. Collins’ AP Physics 1 class, crying. She is constantly sporting at least one article of clothing from her favorite brand, Vans. Maggie enjoys somehow killing all plants in her bedroom (“It’s probably because I don’t water them…but they’re desert plants? They should live,”), watching scary TV shows and consequently getting scared, and eating most things that are not meat (fish not included). Maggie is excited to be an Arts & Entertainment Editor for Commentator this year.

Mark Graff

Meet your future president.  Like all presidents, Mark has many deep secrets.  He keeps them locked in his diary found under a rocking-airplane chair in his room.  The most personal of them all is that Mark has a passion for swimming.  SHHHHH-it’s a secret.  When the whole world is asleep Mark is putting on his bikini-like speedo and heading to swim practice.  Revving the engine of his tiny, white feminine car Mark owns the road at 4 AM.  The only thing more blinding than Mark’s pasty white legs at practice is his bright bright future.  His success is not just in the pool but also in the classroom where he takes the spotlight on every discussion and debate he has with himself.  After swimming in college, Mark will be found serving in the Navy, just like his father.  Finally, the oval office will be the place to go if you want to see Mark or his plenitude of dogs in place of a family.  Another secret about Mark is he has a twin sister, also known as the Alpha Twin.  No more needs to be said. Mark Graff is just a name you should know, he’s kind of a big deal. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Commentator.

Emme Levenson

Emme Levenson pulls up to her tennis match in her whip, a 2000 Blue Jeep Grand Cherokee.  The look of determination on her face as she prepares to dominate another match.  When Emme is not on the Freeman tennis court she can be found looking for her next homecoming date at any Freeman football or baseball game, she has a golden booster card, she’s just that enthusiastic.  As for Emme’s summer she can be found living it up in Bay Head New Jersey which is on her mind whether she is there or not, as evident on her massive pencil case sporting Bay Head in big letters.  Emme dreams of driving her Jeep through Bay Head sporting her favorite pair of shoes, tretorns. These stylish shoes bring back an avid 80s fashion that Emme refuses to let die.  As for the 80s trend Emme keeps it going by blasting her favorite 80s songs through her AUX cord as she barrels down Three Chopt headed to Freeman or on the beachfront roads of Bay Head.  For now, Emme is living it up as a Sports Editor for the Commentator.

Cameron McCarty

You might find Cameron hiking in Iceland… or visiting her cousin in the Bahamas… or surfing in Mexico…or saving turtles in Costa Rica. Basically, Cameron is already living out all of our dreams of being a world traveler. But, she’s really not as cool as she seems. She’s only a three sport athlete. She’s on Varsity field hockey and gymnastics..and went to states for pole vaulting. Big deal. If you want to get in touch with her, be on one of her sports teams. If you’re not, then she’s too busy for you. She is a Sports Editor for The Commentator.

Juliana McKean

Juliana McKean: crazy cat witch, gum dispenser, spaz. She responds to any of the above. Just cross your fingers that four years from now she’s not behind the controls of any kind of flying vehicle. She doesn’t even know how to properly drive a car. It’s also safe to say that she needs to improve her push-up abilities before attending Air Force Academy in two years. Maybe spending less time shopping at Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters would be a good idea. Until then, she is the Center Spread Editor for the The Commentator.

Caitlin McSorely

If you happen to see a blue Ford F-150 drive by, and you can’t see the driver, it’s probably because Caitlin McSorely is hidden behind the wheel. Although, however, she puts her truck, named Henry, to good use. Caitlin goes kayaking or climbing as often as she can fit in with her busy schedule. At school, you might see her nodding off as she gets up at 4:00 AM almost every day to swim. And although no teacher expects it with her flawless reputation, Caitlin can also be found sneaking food throughout the day; likely necessary with all the swimming and kayaking she does. She also has an older brother, Jack, who graduated DSF and is in his freshman year at Cornell. Though a perfect student and a likely beneficiary from a halo effect that Jack gave, teachers are (pleasantly?) surprised find a “sassy side” to Caitlin that might not be expected at first (quote from Dave Inman). She is the Editor-in-Chief for The Commentator.

Greer Peacock

Peacock: you’ve probably heard this name before, whether its Greer, Archer, Graham, Harrison, or Redmon, all could be true because one of five and the only girl is the fourth person in her family to come through Freeman. Not only is she a twin, but so is her twin brothers. When not spending time with family or friends, Greer Peacock is probably reciting a vine. This Catholic school graduate and avid dancer can be often seen in the line of cookout getting a ridiculous order of quesadillas with a side quesadilla. But for now, Greer Peacock is just a Sports Editor for The Commentator.

Grace Powers

A pro Mario Karter, shot putter, cheerleader and cat enthusiast, there isn’t much Grace Powers can’t do. If you’ve ever been to Gelati Celesti and been helped by someone who was far too enthusiastic about their job, it was probably Grace. She likes historical dramas more than the average person, and she’s seen every episode of Friends multiple times. In her free time, you can find Grace binge watching Greys Anatomy, cruising around the city in her Ford Focus, or scootering around her neighborhood. Other hobbies include drinking copious amounts of tea, obsessing over Grant Gustin, and listening to songs from Hamilton. She is the Arts & Entertainment Editor for The Commentator.

McBride Rawson


Cole Ryland

New phone, who dis?

Remy Schimick

Who? Remy Schimick, an Editor-in-Chief for The Commentator Online.

What? A spirited, spunky, stylish, and silly lady who spends all her time making Quizlets for her classmates, hitching rides to various Freeman sporting events, singing songs that no one really knows, feasting on candy corn (even in the middle of summer!) and planning her wedding to her dreamboat, Lil Yachty.

Where? Probably at Chick-fil-A or Sugar Shack around 8:57am, sprinting across parking lots to get to school on time.

When? All day, every day.

Why? I have absolutely no idea.

Laney Van Lenten

Never heard of her.

Kate Yarbrough

Kate Yarbrough is a vegetarian dancer who watches videos of actually good ballerinas on her explore page and cries.  You can often find her listening to the Star Wars soundtracks and les miserables original French cast.  If she’s not watching ballerinas or listening to Star Wars, there’s a good chance that Kate is in downtown RVA getting boba with her friends.  Seriously.  Every weekend.  With two times the normal amount of bubbles?  She loves fries and chip and guac along with bread.  Basically all carbohydrates and you’re good with Kate.  It’s okay though, she dances almost every weekday.  She also watches the Disney channel original movies on Netflix religiously.  Kate is excited to be an Opinions Editor this year.


Lucy Collins

The Beatles, Harry Potter, black clothes, crop tops, ear piercings, grooving, varsity lacrosse defense men, Pinterest, high-top vans and tennis mannnnnn. Lucy Collins has all it takes to be the best Arts and Entertainment Editor in all the lannnnnnd.

Zach Schwertz

Dawn is coming, but so is Zach Schwertz. Zach Schwertz is not the hero we want, but the hero we deserve. His personality comes from his heritage, which originates from a Lutheran family deep in the breadbasket region of Germany, and he has been raised to embrace his German roots. This can be seen with his strong discipline and work-ethic. Zach carries a 6.1 GPA due to the fact that he is a Freeman student by day and a Freeman student by night. Since Sept. 9th 2014, he has not actually left the building. Meanwhile, Zach claims he has been outside before, but the pigment of his skin suggests otherwise. Zach loves politics, respects strong leadership, and practices it by being the Class of 2018 President. Zach is not a one dimensional person. He is the definition of a student athlete; hold the athlete. Zach has played basketball and baseball in his first two years at Freeman and in the diamond, he fields balls like Shaq shoots Free-Throws, and on the court he shoots Free-Throws like Shaq fields balls. With all his extracurricular activities, Zach is still able to make sure his Saturdays are for the boys—his boys being AP review guides and school textbooks. Zach’s main hobbies include: asking teachers to move tests back, apologizing to teachers for asking to move tests back, and thanking teachers when they move tests back. Zach has no plans to further his education after high school, rather, he hopes to watch the movie “The Dark Knight” enough times until he literally becomes The Batman. Until then, he is a Sports Editor for The Commentator.

Nick Ulrichs

Nick Ulrichs, forged in the streets of Westham neighborhood, spent his early days on the corner of Lindsay Drive and Forest Avenue at Tuckahoe Elementary, from where he graduated in 2011.  When he’s not sitting on his younger brother, Steve, Nick can be found riding the bench of Freeman’s varsity football team.  Nick enjoys eating nearly 3,000 calories a day, so he can get major “gains.” Nick is talented at math and science, and he hopes to become an astronaut one day.  Nick is quite the avid adventurer as he enjoys long walks on the beach and backpacking through the mountains.  Nick is currently an Opinions Editor for The Commentator and famous for his shared column, Nic V Nick.

Nicholas Wright

Nicholas Wright has worked in the news biz all his life. Family man. Gun nut. Banjo music enthusiast. Horses. Future Golden Globe recipient. Just trying to make a difference in this mixed up world. Big fan of fireworks. Can say the alphabet backwards pretty dang fast. Level 21 Pokemon Go trainer. The world is his oyster, and he is a pearl. Opinions editor.


Kyle Adams

What if I told you that Kyle Adams is half Mauritian?  This would come as a surprise to nearly no one.  His humble roots play a large role in his life, much like his favorite rapper, J. Cole.  His car is never silent; in fact, its bass can be heard from miles away.  He knows more about VCU basketball than Will Wade and Shaka Smart combined.  His own play style pays homage to former VCU star, Briante Weber. Kyle knows the game well enough to coach it himself, yet somehow still cannot translate this to NBA 2K.  As a Freeman baseball player, Kyle can be found playing Second Base or curating a pregame playlist for the team.   Kyle is the Editor-in-Chief of The Commentator, with just a dollar and a dream.                 III

KeAnna Anglin

In addition to being a Co-Editor- In- Chief with Kyle Adams, KeAnna Anglin is a very opinionated lassie who despises when people sneeze and allow their forks to scrape against their teeth. When she is not crying over Joe Biden’s cheesy smile or Ryan Evans from High School Musical, she enjoys fangirling over ABC’s The Bachelor, going to cycling classes, and wasting her money on chicken burrito bowls from Chipotle. She takes a lot of pride in being a Crimson Tide and Cowboys fan, as she loves football. She is an avid crier, mostly due to her constant laughter. After graduating from Freeman, she hopes to attend college on the west coast and eventually create her own start-up. She is honored to be one of next year’s Editors-In Chief, and looks forward to working collaboratively with the staff to make sure The Commentator showcases the diverse population at Freeman.

Jack Bernhardt

A 2013 Graduate of Tuckahoe Middle, 2010 Graduate of Tuckahoe Elementary, and a junior at Douglas Freeman High School. Jack enjoys exposing others (Neary) in basketball at the University of Richmond outdoor courts and playing lacrosse with friends. He has an inconsistent ACL and is questionable to possessing a soul. Jack is also very proud of his skills in the online game, Sportshead Soccer, being the 5th best player on the newspaper staff. Be careful with your Coca-cola cans around Jack because he could “pop” at any time. Jack is currently a Sports Editor on The Commentator staff.

Thomas Best

Thomas Best is secretly a 30 year old man disguised as a student at Freeman High School. He enjoys talking to your parents at Kuba Kuba Dos every Friday night and debating Midwestern politics. Thomas once shook Bill Clinton’s hand and hasn’t washed it since. His best friend is his dog and his favorite color is falu.  Thomas can be found at Ellwood Thompson’s taking wheatgrass shots and avoiding the consumption of meat. He might be the News Editor at The Commentator.

Anna Lyle Collett

Anna Lyle Collett is an international travel, music, and coffee fanatic. As well as designing for the paper, she enjoys exploring hipster coffee shops around Richmond, watching House Hunters International, and researching travel destinations. Along with talking about the Young Victoria on a daily basis with her friend Mackenzie, Anna Lyle loves spending time with her golden retriever, and teaching violin on Mondays. She aspires to one day live in London in the hope of meeting a Downton Abbey cast member, and having a Pinterest worthy lifestyle. Putting aside all her future college and travel plans, Anna Lyle is looking forward to being the Design Editor on the Commentator staff this year.

Gabby Cox

Gabby was too shy to write about herself.  For this reason, she is the Photography Editor of The Commentator.

Sarah Farney

Sarah Farney is the Arts and Entertainment Editor for 2016/2017 Commentator staff.  Sarah brings her 11 years of art experience, her tone-deaf singing voice, and complete lack of rhythm and coordination to every page she designs. Sarah’s interests include binge watching the bachelor and complaining about NOVA swimming. The worst days of Sarah’s life are when she can’t have pizza for every meal. After graduating Freeman High School, Sarah plans to pursue her dream of working as a full time Disney princess and winning The Amazing Race with fellow staff member Emily Finto. Sarah is enthusiastic to work with her fellow A&E Editor Page Ryland to showcase all of Freeman’s talent.

Emily Finto

In addition to being a News Editor for The Commentator, Emily is an avid lover of cats and carbs, lives for ABC Family’s Harry Potter marathons, and enjoys long walks in the rain with her imaginary boyfriend. To best serve the News page, Emily channels her inner Matt Lauer on a daily basis. She hopes to see the newspaper and the staff grow along with Freeman’s flourishing population. After Emily graduates from Freeman, bidding a sad farewell to The Commentator, she plans to win The Amazing Race with fellow staff member Sarah Farney, adopt another cat, and become a judge on Masterchef Junior.

Meredith Given

Meredith Given, more commonly known as Neary by fellow peers. A recent graduate of Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry, pursuing a life to beat Jack Neary (fake Neary) in as many things as possible, which so far isn’t going so well. When not at Freeman she can be found sneaking in the restricted section in the Hogwarts library trying to find information on things she found out from Hagrid. Along with being a witch, she is one of the few female sports editors that have ever walked through the halls of Freeman.

Mackenzie King

Mackenzie King is a Fixer Upper and survival show enthusiast. When she’s not bashing Flip or Flop, she can be found trying to prove Buzzfeed wrong about her being a Tuesday, arguably the most boring day of the week. Her favorite pastimes include offering motherly guidance to her journalism family: Anna Lyle Collett, KeAnna Anglin, and Sara Hamilton, bursting into random song, and playing What the Riddle into the wee hours of the night. Even though she spent a great deal of time as a backup dancer for the Step Up movie franchise, Mackenzie was eventually fired due to the fact that the only dance she knows is the hand jive. Considering her life to be in the genre of romantic comedy, but lacking the romance part, Mackenzie looks forward to what the year will bring her as the features editor.

Sarah Lim

Sarah is a New York native but grew up in the West End of Henrico County her entire young adult life. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling the globe, and doing the immense amount of homework given to her by her lovely teachers. It is her hope that she will be in college soon (it cannot come fast enough) studying politics and business. Sarah Lim is the proudest Freeman Rebel you will find. Sarah is currently an Opinions Editor on The Commentator staff

Ross Metcalf

Ross Metcalf, a 2010 graduate of the prestigious Tuckahoe Elementary School and 2013 graduate of the not so prestigious Tuckahoe Middle, is ecstatic to be continuing his pursuit of Truth while working with the journalism department at Freeman high school. He enjoys playing Chinese checkers with strangers in the park, he is color blind but can complete a Rubik’s cube in 13 seconds, and once beat a blind man in a game of tick-tack-toe. He can be seen rocking his press pass, a random college t-shirt, khakis, and Jesus 12s while in pursuit of the best stories Freeman’s athletic teams has to offer. He enjoys virgin piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. If you’re not into health food and you love the taste of champagne, then you’re the lady he looked for; come with him and escape. P.S. he’s the 2016-17 Sports Editor.

Jack Neary

A 2010 graduate of Three Chopt Elementary, Jack is pursuing a degree in Hawaiian studies at Freeman High School. Jack enjoys long walks on the beach, playing chess underwater, and hot air balloon rides at sunset. Jack’s favorite movie is “The Notebook,” and his favorite book is the script of “Bee Movie.” Jack has plans to attend Harvard in the fall of 2017, but Harvard has no plans to accept him. Jack is currently the Opinions Editor of The Commentator.

Nicholas Newton


William Omberg

Hailing from the vicious halls of St. Bridget Catholic School, William Omberg made his transition to public school by becoming a Rebel in the summer of 2013.  In fact, his coffee sheltered by his HydroFlask is made by his treasured mother along with his lunch. William has numerous subtle fixations, including his girlfriend Jeanne and his alarming gambling problem. In addition, he spends nearly all of his free time playing NBA 2K16 while listening to either Tom Petty or Drake—depending on his mood. To go along with his mother’s handpicked fashion, William enjoys sporting a Washington Nationals hat along with Ray Bans.  Student by day, DeLuca Gelato slave by night, William’s income is steady—unlike his shooting hand. Although he is over six feet, nearly all of his friends have blocked one of his shots… except for his best friend Roscoe (his dog). When friends are not available, he is likely to be found on his inflatable swan in his pool at his home.  He is currently the Online Editor-In-Chief and Social Media Manager for The Commentator.

Elena Rogers

Hi all! My name is Elena Rogers and I live with my parents, I don’t pay rent, I wear socks that don’t match and I love my mom. I’ve lived in the Richmond area for 17 years now, so I’m basically a local. I’m an entrepreneur in the thriving squirrel catching and walking business. On a typical Friday night, I am: napping, eating, or walking squirrels. I am outdoor certified and would relate most to a s’mores poptart. My ideal date would be picnicking in the kitchen with my mom as a chaperone because you never know when a bear attack could happen. I enjoy short walks from the door of my house to the car, though my favorite mode of transportation is on a scooter. I am the editor of the centerspread in The Commentator, where I’ll wow you with some groovy headlines. You can find me in the sale aisle at the grocery store searching for the best deals on pickles and spray cheese. I’m looking for someone who matches the description from my answer of the “Is he right for you?” buzzfeed quiz. If you do not match, I am not interested. You should message me if you like bonfires, brown hair, lunch, or letting people (me) use your smart tag to get through EZ passes.

Page Ryland

Page Ryland can be known for her unhealthy obsession with zit popping videos on YouTube and forcing people to watch them. She claims she’s different because she had a nose ring and shops in Carytown. Page connects with memes more than people and often randomly laughs whenever the meme “Dat Boi” comes into her view. 90% of Page’s life is consumed of her editing her Instagram photos and the other 30% is her struggling in math. The only reason Page was accepted onto the journalism staff was simply because her name is Page and it seemed appropriate considering it represents paper. Page is up for any challenge: her biggest one being dyslexic and working for the school paqer…. sorry, paper.  Page is currently the A&E Editor of The Commentator

Max Slone

Max Slone is the Features Editor for the Commentator for the 2016-17 school year. When he’s not surfing the internet looking for meaningless sports articles to read, Max is probably at home trying keep his 3 dogs from annoying the neighbors by simultaneously barking at probably nothing but the air. Max’s interest include running, watching the show Below Deck on Tuesdays at 9, and watching his favorite sports teams choke away championships in both the Super Bowl and the World Series. Max looks forward to using his not so vast skill set to propel the features section to eventual greatness during this upcoming school year.