Meet the Senior Staff

Mrs. Lombard

Mother of two and honorary mother to countless, Mrs. Lombard is the invisible hand behind The Commentator.  She is brave enough to teach freshmen English, and all the more brave to teach them again as juniors and seniors in journalism, for parting is such sweet sorrow.  In her Honda CR-V can be found a car seat, a pink Nalgene bottle, and freshly printed copies of the paper, depending on the day.  She enjoys reading The Commentator but only for grammar mistakes.  Her love for news is matched only by her love for Shakespeare; for this, she is the Staff Advisor for The Commentator.

Rachel Alexander

As a casually committed Fangirl, a portion of Rachel Alexander’s soul is dedicated to SherlockAvatar the Last Airbender (the TV show!), and (as she will sometimes shamefully admit) The Ultimate Spider-Man.  She also has a special place in her heart for baby elephants, which she has been fortunate enough to see in real life during a family vacation to Africa.  As a part of a family of avid travelers, Rachel has traveled to 17 countries—excluding the seven times she’s been to India.  While she loves traveling with her family, she knows from experience that it sometimes can get too close for comfort.  Books, Netflix, and Youtube are some mediums she uses to escape the chaos, and cute videos of strange animal friendships will always brighten her day.  Rachel is currently a News Editor for The Commentator.

Lucy Collins

The Beatles, Harry Potter, black clothes, crop tops, ear piercings, grooving, varsity lacrosse defense men, Pinterest, high-top vans and tennis mannnnnn. Lucy Collins has all it takes to be the best Arts and Entertainment Editor in all the lannnnnnd.

Caroline Daniel

Watch out everyone, it’s Co-Editor-in-Chief Caroline Daniel. Actually, though, be careful; she’s likely to spill or drop any and all of the million things she is currently holding. A devoted The Office fan, Caroline can be found be found eating beets with her (teddy) bear and watching Battlestar Galactica. Her other hobbies include baking so much that her family and friends are on the verge of diabetic comas, pretending she understands football, and playing field hockey, where she is (fondly?) called “The Lumberjack.” She also has an orangutan patronus and loves weird words. Her favorite? “Exsanguinated.” Look it up.

Mia Fuller

Mia Fuller, residential foodie, collage pro, movie buff, and trivia goddess, stands as one of the Arts & Entertainment Editors for The Commentator. She spends her days balancing school, her finsta, and a long distance relationship with her true love, Frank Sinatra. When she is not writing for the paper, you can find her watching videos of baby goats or organizing her Spotify playlists. This year, Mia is looking forward to the return of Stranger Things (season 2), as well as the impending doom of her college essays.

Sarah Halsey

Unfortunately for Sarah, she did not receive an editor position. Fortunately for us, she is no longer a member of the staff and we do not have to put up with her any more. Kidding, think she does sports?? No one really knows.

Tyler Hendricks

As Online Editor-in-Chief, Tyler Hendricks has to double check that he is logged into his twitter and not The Commentator twitter before he retweets that spicy meme. Outside of school, Tyler enjoys roasting his own coffee beans, carving wood penguins, and looking for saucy memes. As part of his job as a groundskeeper at Kanawha Recreation Association, he spends his summers plotting revenge on the members he cleans up after. After college, he hopes to become Dictator of the World, but if that doesn’t work out there is always engineering.

Molly Herring

While walking in the halls of Douglas Southall Freeman, if you see a mane of voluminous curls, assume it is THE Molly Herring. Molly frequently frolics with her dogs, Scout and Stella, and has an unhealthy obsession with putting stickers on her water bottle. A member of the volleyball team, Molly often works out and listens to jams on Sarah Halsey’s acclaimed playlists on Spotify. Born on March 13th, 2000, Molly is the middle child of her family, and she bears the brunt of it. Nevertheless, she is a groupie to her father’s foreign travels due to his constant participation in Ironmans. This year, being a Features Editor for the Commentator, Molly is struggling with school in general but is still looking forward to her senior year.

Hank Holland

Hank Holland is an avid swimmer and graduate of Nova of Virginia Aquatics, where he swam for 7 years. He was never exceptionally good at swimming but he loved the water. He quit swimming in 7th grade only to get cut from the middle school basketball team. Where will you find Hank? Hank will almost always be in his basement watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, with Beyoncé playing in the background. Also, his hobbies include working out at the Weinstein Center at University of Richmond and driving his beat-up Honda Odyssey trap van.

Megan Kelleher

Megan Kelleher is best known for her peppy school spirit, obsession with blasting trap music, and her undying love for her Volvo. In the hallways of Douglas Freeman, Megan can be seen holding her Starbucks insulated coffee mug and walking briskly (anyone slower is passed). Without fail, Megan attends cross country every day after school, running alongside (and complaining to) best friend and running buddy Lauren Tull, both sporting the newest running trend: calf sleeves. After practice, Megan can be found taking her daily nap, something she would not be able to survive school without. In her “spare time,” Megan loves to binge-watch Criminal Minds, post over-saturated videos on her YouTube channel, cheer on the Patriots (best comeback in NFL history!), and scour Marshalls for the best deals. Megan looks forward to being editor of both center spread and design this year.

Ryan McCracken

Ryan McCracken, Features Editor, takes fantasy football way too seriously and watches Jeopardy religiously. Cereal is the only thing that gets Ryan up in the morning. Ryan can whip up a mean PB&J and supports Notre Dame Athletics no matter how frequently they let him down. Ryan also suffers from a bizarre compulsion to run solely for the sake of running. Ryan serves as a Features Editor for the newspaper.

Liza Moody

Liza Moody is an avid traveler who hails from the foreign land of California and she is a Photography Editor for the Commentator. Although she prefers hopping from coast to coast, you can often find her hopping between school, sports, and home. Liza has a crazy obsession with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, taking pictures, trying new things, and, of course, being a Rebel. She can also be found on runs around the University of Richmond with the love of her life, her Boykin Spaniel named Jackson. Liza is looking forward to her second year on the Commentator’s staff.

Alex Moss

If he’s not kayaking 50 miles in the lakes of Canada during the summer, then he’s definitely sporting a Toronto Blue Jays jersey, claiming he’s been a fan his entire life.   Living up to his Canadian roots, Alex has a strong passion for maple syrup, hockey, claiming Canadians invented lacrosse, and consistently pronouncing “pasta” in the most un-American way possible.   If you tell Alex the 2007 Miami Heat were overrated, he might actually explode, despite his relative cool Canadian composure.  As for his own talents on the basketball court, he most certainly is no Dwayne Wade, his all-time favorite basketball player.  A better comparison might be Steve Nash due to their similar heritages, although Steve Nash could never beat out Alex in amount of times slapping the floor on defense.  Aside from his on-court tendencies, Alex enjoys playing pick-up basketball at the University of Richmond campus, pretending to do work as Vice President of the Class of 2018, and attempting to convince his friends Carson Wentz and the Eagles are undoubtedly going to be Super Bowl champions.  As for right now, Alex is an editor-in-chief of The Commentator Online.

Hailey Reid

Hailey Reid is destined to go D1 for her fockey excellence. A notoriously slow eater, there is not a day that goes by where she does not have Danimals smoothie packed in her lunch, but her day is ruined if she receives a Banana flavored one. Hailey prides herself as a girl gifted with athletic ability for she consistently beats her colleague and fellow Sports Editor, Zach Schwertz, at cup pong through i-Phone messages. As a Sports Editor for Freeman’s newspaper, Hailey relishes in the fact that she gets to explore more and more about Freeman sports.

Zach Schwertz

Dawn is coming, but so is Zach Schwertz. Zach Schwertz is not the hero we want, but the hero we deserve. His personality comes from his heritage, which originates from a Lutheran family deep in the breadbasket region of Germany, and he has been raised to embrace his German roots. This can be seen with his strong discipline and work-ethic. Zach carries a 6.1 GPA due to the fact that he is a Freeman student by day and a Freeman student by night. Since Sept. 9th 2014, he has not actually left the building. Meanwhile, Zach claims he has been outside before, but the pigment of his skin suggests otherwise. Zach loves politics, respects strong leadership, and practices it by being the Class of 2018 President. Zach is not a one dimensional person. He is the definition of a student athlete; hold the athlete. Zach has played basketball and baseball in his first two years at Freeman and in the diamond, he fields balls like Shaq shoots Free-Throws, and on the court he shoots Free-Throws like Shaq fields balls. With all his extracurricular activities, Zach is still able to make sure his Saturdays are for the boys—his boys being AP review guides and school textbooks. Zach’s main hobbies include: asking teachers to move tests back, apologizing to teachers for asking to move tests back, and thanking teachers when they move tests back. Zach has no plans to further his education after high school, rather, he hopes to watch the movie “The Dark Knight” enough times until he literally becomes The Batman. Until then, he is a Sports Editor for The Commentator.

Ellie Somers

Ellie Somers is not your average red-haired girl. When she is not busy obsessing over the welfare of her pet fish and watching reruns of The Office, Ellie can be found somewhere random petting other people’s dogs. She is not quite sure what she wants to do with her life yet, but she plans to “fake it until she makes it.” Ellie is currently a Photography Editor on The Commentator staff.

Lauren Tull

There isn’t much senior Lauren Tull loves more than animals and key lime pie. When she’s not cuddling with her two dogs and two cats, she’s running with the cross country team (and complaining incessantly), handing out free samples at Wegmans, and arguing that carrots are the worst food ever. Her least favorite days of the year are every day that it is not Christmas. Lauren enjoys braiding hair, taking notes with colorful pens, talking about her car named Penelope, and wearing solely navy and pink. She’s super excited to be both the Center Spread and Design Editor for The Commentator this year!

Nick Ulrichs

Nick Ulrichs, forged in the streets of Westham neighborhood, spent his early days on the corner of Lindsay Drive and Forest Avenue at Tuckahoe Elementary, from where he graduated in 2011.  When he’s not sitting on his younger brother, Steve, Nick can be found riding the bench of Freeman’s varsity football team.  Nick enjoys eating nearly 3,000 calories a day, so he can get major “gains.” Nick is talented at math and science, and he hopes to become an astronaut one day.  Nick is quite the avid adventurer as he enjoys long walks on the beach and backpacking through the mountains.  Nick is currently an Opinions Editor for The Commentator and famous for his shared column, Nic V Nick.

Caroline Wall

A third generation writer for The Commentator, Caroline is excited to take on the role of News Editor. However, when she’s not reporting the news, Caroline can be found playing tennis, listening to music, or crying at just about any movie (yes, even Chicken Little). Born in 1999, she plans to live past 100 as a part of her goal to live during three different centuries. Other than that, Caroline is just hoping to make it through senior year.

Jackson Woody

When he can’t be found roaming the hallways of Freeman, Jackson Woody can be found searching for bigfoot, attempting to bring back 90s fashion statements, or running around in circles for fun. When he’s not diligently working on his next article for the Commentator, Jackson enjoys poetry, basketball, and majestic walks. Jackson has possibly overcome ferocious ADD to become Editor-in-Chief of the Commentator.

Nicholas Wright

Nicholas Wright has worked in the news biz all his life. Family man. Gun nut. Banjo music enthusiast. Horses. Future Golden Globe recipient. Just trying to make a difference in this mixed up world. Big fan of fireworks. Can say the alphabet backwards pretty dang fast. Level 21 Pokemon Go trainer. The world is his oyster, and he is a pearl. Opinions editor.