Meet the Junior Staff

Farah Abdullah

Farah Abdullah may seem put together, sometimes she is, but don’t let the act fool you, she can’t even decide on what hobby to stick to. From arts of all sorts, cooking and baking, to writing, you will not see her do the same thing two days in a row. However, she can always find time to pierce her own ears. When she’s not too busy trying to figure out how to manage all of that, she will most likely be eating. She’s the kind of person who will try the weirdest item on the menu and say it’s the best thing she has ever eaten. If you ever want to start a conversation with Farah, you don’t have to! She’ll most likely try to speak to you first. Her childhood was spent in her home country, Yemen, up until the age of 10 where she moved to RVA, but she still speaks Arabic fluently! Farah is a staff writer for The Commentator.


Abdullah Photo

Ishita Bakshi

When she’s not sparking up a conversation with any and every person who walks by, you can most likely find Ishita Bakshi recovering from her days of sleep deprivation or running around the football field, juggling fire lit batons. Ishita Bakshi spends her free time volunteering in a research lab, debating controversial global issues, or obsessing over pictures of her pet cat. She is extremly excited to be joining The Commentator this year as a staff writer!

Bakshi Photo

Lily Bowman

Lily Bowman is a dance enthusiast and spirited member of DSF. As a Dance Team captain, she loves leading her team in “shaking it”, whipping their hair, and busting down at pep rallies and half-time shows. In her very limited free time, Lily can be found embarrassing her younger brother at football games, slipping in British accents randomly (thanks Spears), and spontaneously bursting into TikTok dances. If you ever need to find her, look for the curly-haired girl speeding down the hallway with a dinosaur lunchbox! Lily is a staff writer for The Commentator.

Bowman Photo

Lillie Connor

Meet Lillie Deaton Connor, or as her friends call her “LD”, a staff writer on The Commentator. When not at school you can find her at her second home, the Nova pool or at home watching “Gossip Girl”. Her ideal day is sitting outside on a sunny day in spring, reading her favorite book, “The Invisible Life of Addie Laurie” and listening to music. In a moment of extra free time you might see Lillie Deaton attempting to bake something easy and still end up failing miserably. Her favorite memories include ones with her family and friends in Kiawah Island, SC. She is very excited to be joining The Commentator team this year!

Connor Photo

Abby Crowe

When Abby isn’t at school, you will most likely find her at the dance studio where she spends way too much time. Her famous last words are, “Sorry I can’t, I have dance.” Abby also loves iced chai lattes, hanging out with friends, hiking, and playing with her dogs. Despite her everyday attire, Abby also loves all things fashion and getting creative with outfit ideas. Abby is a staff writer for The Commentator.

Crowe Photo

Henry Haggard

Henry Haggard is a junior at DSF and a staff writer for The Commentator. In his free time, he skates, plays guitar, and watches a sacrilegious amount of YouTube. He also loves to listen to music, especially on road trips (his favorite album, by the way, is I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning by Bright Eyes). And when he can, he likes to drive to the Blue Ridge mountains to camp and see the sights. He loves the outdoors more than anything, and wants to intern as a park ranger this summer.

Haggard Photo

Jazmyn Howell

If you love coffee, you and Jazmyn Howell will be the best of friends. When Jazmyn isn’t downing coffee, you can see her keeping up with politics and obsessing over the tv show she’s binging. Her knowledge of true crime definitely can leave you scared, but when you hear she wants to be a lawyer it starts to make sense. With her fight with procrastination and her busy schedule, she still tries to make sure to brighten all of her friends’ days. With all this going on, she is still so excited to be a staff writer for The Commentator.

Howell Photo

Audrey Jones

When she’s not busy at school, you can catch Audrey Jones online shopping, playing lacrosse, blasting Taylor Swift, talking to her dog, or procrastinating all of her schoolwork. An outgoing girl who loves to talk, Audrey is always open to a light-hearted conversation, just don’t bring up the sensitive subjects (SAT prep, the pronunciation of Reeses, or Vanessa from Gossip Girl). On the weekends, you can spot Audrey driving all over Richmond in her white Honda Pilot (which she shares with her older brother, of course) and hanging out with friends and family. Audrey is a staff writer for The Commentator.

Jones Photo

Peter Kriebel

Hailing from Baltimore, the undisputed greatest city not only on the east coast but also in the world, Peter lives Ravens football and will not stand for Lamar Jackson slander of any kind. He enjoys fall weather, the Harry Potter books, and exercising. He believes the fastest way to gauge the quality of a restaurant is to try their bread. In his 16 years of life he’s learned that good bread usually equates to good everything else. It’s a universal truth, just ask God. Peter enjoys writing and looks forward to doing so for The Commentator this year.

Kriebel Photo

Ada Malpani

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Ada she has probably complained about being a 15 year old junior without a drivers license, even though you never once mentioned driving. When she’s not trying to convince people to give her rides, Ada is usually ignoring her homework in favor of more important tasks, such as creating 5-star meals inspired by YouTube videos or watching Gilmore Girls (team Jess) for the 10th time. She is, however, incredibly motivated in school (even though that motivation only appears at 12 am?) and enjoys debate, Model UN, and the creative arts. She is super excited to be a staff writer for The Commentator and cannot wait to learn more about freeman and it’s people!

Journalism PFP

Margaret Newton

If you are looking for Maggie Newton, she is probably at the beach or on the slopes. However, if the attendance office asks, she is at the dentist. Some of Maggie’s favorite pastimes are arguing, Ben and Jerry’s, arguing, reading, arguing, and listening to Taylor Swift. On the weekends you will find her watching the Kentucky Wildcats and eating Chipotle. Maggie is a staff writer for The Commentator.

Newton Photo

Adair Reid

Fallen and can’t get up? Neither can Adair Reid. Stability-challenged and constantly distracted, you can find her fast-walking through the halls to check off something on her never-ending to-do list. When she’s not writing for The Commentator, she loves reading Brit Lit, thinking about writing books (but not actually doing it), and slipping on the turf during field hockey. 

Reid Photo

Morgan Strudgeon

If you go to a Freeman swim practice before the sun comes up, you will likely find Morgan in her natural habitat—the pool, where she might live. When she isn’t talking your ear off about swimming (nobody wants to hear about your practice yesterday, we promise) or up to her neck in a never-ending pile of homework; she likes to read every fantasy book she can get her hands on. When she gets bored of that, she will likely be at home trying to bake something far too advanced for her skill level, hanging out with her friends at a local restaurant, or writing for The Commentator. 


Catherine White

If you spot a girl sunbathing by the pool with a book in her hand, you have come across Catherine White in her natural habitat. Catherine absolutely adores the summer as well as the sunny weather that comes with it. You can often catch her wearing flip flops before it is socially acceptable and obsessing over her countdown to the end of school. In her mind, the only saving grace to fall is the start of football season. As an avid UVA fan, she will never hesitate to tell you about what she claims is “the best tailgate ever”. When she isn’t daydreaming about tan lines and palm trees, you can find her in the NOVA pool, listening to country music, or writing for The Commentator.

White Photo

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