Meet the Senior Staff

Davis Buckbee

Davis Buckbee —  the guy who can do it all… truly. You can find him getting A’s, scoring goals, reffing games, scooping ice cream, and driving around town in his Honda Pilot. Oh. And he always, always has the aux, probably playing “On the River” by Young Dolph. He’s a Moody Middle School boy with a serious glow-up and a contagious laugh. Davis is passionate about his views and not afraid to speak his mind. Lucky for us, he is the Opinions Editor for The Commentator.

Will Dornik

Meet your future president, Will Dornik. Self-described jokester and master of subtle sarcastic comments, Will has promised to be a President for the people. His platform includes banning the No Food Delivery rule and the removal of cell phone cubbies in the classroom. Back in his day, Will served as leader of the Maybeury Mallards, winning the presidency and using his platform to make various, “long-lasting improvements” to the campus. With one presidential term under his belt, Will is ready to lead the people again, time permitting. Between napping, “ballin with the bros,” and his new presidential ventures, Will has somehow found time to also be a Sports Editor for The Commentator.

Joshua DuPuis

Rising senior or rising senior citizen? The Commentator’s Sports Lead, Joshua DuPuis, has an old soul and warm heart. If you know Josh, you know he’s famous for his polite “Hellos” in the hallway, and letting everyone else in the student parking lot out before him (literally everyone, so you better hope you’re not stuck behind his Tacoma). Josh’s grandpa spirit comes from his passion for golf, church, and Quizbowl. As an aspiring preacher, Josh will likely become the next Billy Graham. At Freeman, he is the president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes despite not being on any sports team. One of Josh’s best qualities is his resilience. After being cut from the golf team and rooting for the Dallas Cowboys (aka the most hated team in the NFL), Josh manages to maintain his bright and cheery personality. A personality that The Commentator is excited to have on staff!

Sarah Echols

Who has blazing red hair and more freckles than you can count? Sarah Freckles, oops I mean Echols. A master at pirouetting, plieing, and grand battementing, Sarah’s second home is Richmond Ballet. If you can’t find her there, look for an ancient gray minivan making its way to Carytown, specifically towards the Pit and Peel. Sarah spends all her money on the acai bowls, and recommends the House Bowl, in case you were wondering. While National Kick a Ginger Day is May 20th, don’t try to get near Sarah, as she’s very sassy and will fight right back. Sarah is Features Editor for The Commentator.

Piper Finkelson

To call Piper Finkelson a vegan would only be a half lie. She’s the protector and lover of all things earthy, but she loves her Panda Express orange chicken. You’ll never see her without a smile or giving a contagiously ditzy laugh. Her sleeping schedule is beyond repair but somehow she always gets her work done. She sounds like Ariana Grande with a high-pitched, slightly raspy voice but don’t tell that to her face. You’ll always find her in heels, as she still has to use a step-stool to wash her hands. But don’t be mistaken–she’s one of the most passionate girls at Freeman about the stuff she cares about (borderline scary). Brillant with the camera, but not at sports– Piper is one half of the impressive photography team for The Commentator.

Addison Gorenflo

If you see a curly brunette girl in a big Freeman sweatshirt walking with purpose and  carrying a field hockey or lacrosse stick, say hi! Be cautious though, she’s a bit clumsy and might trip. That’s Addison Gorenflo, one of The Commentator’s Center Spread/Special Features Editors. A dedicated athlete and jack-of-all-trades, her fierce focus and stone-cold intensity allow her to crush the competition, both on and off the field. If you catch her rambling about some random topic, don’t worry about that– she’s probably going off of approximately -1582 hours of sleep.

Emma Johnson

According to Annie Stephens, the best time to call Emma Johnson is “when you need someone to do literally anything for you.” Along with being a loyal friend, Emma is a loyal teammate to her RVC volleyball squad. While she never had a bat mitzvah, Emma gets the best of both worlds by being half-Jewish– Hanukkah and Christmas! Emma can be found walking dogs in the West End, but if you can’t find her there look for the blue Lexus with the dent in the back. When she’s not dreaming about being a cowboy, Emma can be found performing journalism duties as Features Editor for The Commentator.

Balazs Kaszala

Known by Freeman substitute teachers as “Blaze” or “Starts with a B,” the age old question of how to pronounce Balazs’s name is often answered by his good friend Salaar Khan. Why? Because Balazs is your classic quiet kid. Only opening his mouth to roast politicians or talk about his favorite soccer team, Arsenal, Balazs is often too busy doing difficult Calc BC questions in his head to speak. Despite his quiet demeanor, you can easily spot Balazs because of his staggering height of 6’2”. Are all Hungarians this tall? As Design Editor of The Commentator, direct all questions about InDesign to Balazsif you can get him to speak to you.

Salaar Khan

Meet Salaar “Gambling’s not a problem if you’re winning” Khan. He’s one of two Online Editors-in-Chief for The Commentator (which is perfect considering he’s too blind to see the actual paper). Salaar is super involved in politics and is currently working on the Debra Rodman campaign, aka he’s a trademark center kid. He’s also the president of the Young Democrats club and is an active member in Freeman’s Model UN club. But when Salaar isn’t talking about politics, you can find him discussing the superiority of the Steelers, The Office, Parks and Recreation, or The West Wing, or getting himself into another bet. Be sure to look out for Salaar in the halls– he’s the one who wears a button up shirt everyday without fail.

Megan McDonald

While she’s got a sweet smile and extremely kind personality, watch out for Megan McDonald, one of the editors-in-chief. She may have spent a year as a strict vegetarian, but don’t let that fool you; she’s a competitive field hockey player that’s out for blood (#BDRD). Megan is also a self-proclaimed bad driver of her steel blue Jeep Wrangler, classic Wyndham kid. When she’s not at school, you can find Megan working at Sweet Frog, where she rocks her pink and green uniform, or listening to country music and petting her beloved Goldendoodle, Ted.

Gretchen Neary

If you are planning on joining a club here at Freeman, chances are Gretchen Neary is the president. However, she credits her outstanding success to hematite, a “grounding stone” recommended by a trusted, local psychic. On the daily, you can find her baking, listening to the Trolls soundtrack, or reorganizing her already impeccably clean room. Oh, and if you hear the clanging of a bear bell, it is safe to assume it’s Gretchen warding off the most terrifying beasts on our planet, bears. We can only hope hematite continues to lead her to success in her role as online editor-in-chief of The Commentator.

Taylor Pounders

Need a haircut? Call up Taylor Pounders! After impulsively cutting her own bangs, she is now an expert in the art of hair-cuttery. You can find Taylor wasting gas by driving her Toyota Tundra for hours or spending her time painting her walls with creative art. You can also find her laying around in her classrooms, sporting some spunky gold eyeshadow and eating jelly beans. If you happen to catch Taylor during a fire drill, she may be barefoot (in the mud) trying to protect her precious Nike Huaraches, which she wears religiously. Taylor’s not sure what she is going to do in the future, but one thing’s for sure: it won’t be boring. As a Freeman lacrosse alum, she is excited to be one of the Sports Editors for The Commentator.

Marcus Rand

Marcus Rand is not like the other boys. He is a quirky photographer who 3D prints government buildings in his free time and never goes to sleep before 4 am. You can find Marcus at your local Chick-Fil-A, listening to Hozier and sporting his signature white sweatshirt. You can actually come out and see Marcus perform as Elvis in his church’s annual Christmas play. But hurry! The tickets run out FAST because Marcus is famous. Yes, that’s right. Marcus Rand is a child celebrity who has met THE Bob Duncan and performed in not one but TWO short films. Marcus is photography editor of The Commentator and if you are lucky enough to be ~captured~ by his Canon camera next year, just remember to humble yourself and live by his dazzling example.

Sadie Rogerson

Do you smell that? It’s Sadie Rogerson’s essential oils. Her scent is further accentuated by the cinnamon she sprinkles in her yogurt every lunchtime without fail. Being everyone’s mom isn’t easy, so Sadie always makes sure to stay refreshed with her not one, but two Hydro Flasks™: one for water and one for tea. During the school day, Sadie stays organized with her work by color-coding her agenda with her assortment of colorful pens. Her claim to fame is her mom’s art Instagram account with 36,000 followers (@sweetseasonsart). With a diet coming exclusively from Trader Joe’s, Sadie somehow manages to find enough energy to play soccer outside of school. Oh, and she’s also The Commentator’s Editor-in-Chief.

Sabereh Saleh

You can often find Sabereh Saleh somewhere around VCU at an art show you didn’t even know was happening. She might also be on her phone, looking at various edgy memes and listening to music by a band you’ve never heard of. She mostly keeps to herself but when she speaks it’s almost always something intelligent or funny… or both. Standing at a staggering 5’11 Sabereh asserts her dominance throughout the halls of Freeman. She is the Arts and Entertainment editor for The Commentator.

Maggie Sheerin

Boston snowflake Maggie Sheerin can be found remaining indoors watching MSNBC to avoid melting in the southern humidity this summer. While most teenage girls fantasize about a date with Noah Centineo, she’d rather trade places with Gisele (or even their kids).  Picking a favorite New Englander would be an impossible choice between Tom Brady and Bernie Sanders because her New England loyalty even continues into her other favorite pastime of politics. Maggie may be the News Editor for The Commentator, but one thing’s for sure, she won’t be spreading fake news.

Maddie Sherman

Meet Maddie Sherman. She’s a Special Features Editor for The Commentator but that’s not where Maddie being special ends. She’s a feisty feminist who loves dogs, Marvel, and her family (in that order). Since her freshman year, she’s been involved with both field hockey and lacrosse and plans to continue those sports at the club level when she follows in her family’s footsteps by attending the University of Virginia. Maddie has a reputation of being “too nice,” but don’t let that fool you. When her sarcasm and sleep deprivation come together, it can be deeply dangerous to get between her and The Office.

P.S. Please don’t confuse Maddie Sherman with Maggie Sheerin. Maddie’s the tall one.  

Lowell Smith

Lowell Smith is a Marvel enthusiast who spent over $100 to go see Endgame 3 times. Just look for the boy with a beanie and Birkenstocks and you’ve found him! Lowell recently traveled to Iceland where he sprouted his photographer wings and now has his own Instagram. During the summer, Lowell can be found skateboarding to Kanawha to be a lifeguard (AKA getting a tan while being paid 50 cents an hour). Lowell may just go with the flow but he really cares about his new job as News Editor for The Commentator.

Annie Stephens

The ultimate Harry Styles enthusiast. Anything there is to know about Harry Styles, or any of the other One Direction members, Annie Stephens knows. Can’t find Annie? She is almost always huddled up in her basement, binge-watching romantic comedies and drinking Strawberry Acai from Starbucks. That is whenever school isn’t taking up her time. During the summer Annie is a lifeguard where she mediocrely watches for children’s safety and works on her tan. If by some small chance she isn’t in her basement or at the pool then she is probably at Target wandering around, never buying anything. Annie will use her sassy sarcasm and humor as the Opinions Editor for The Commentator.

Abby Taylor

As the youngest crazy cat lady, Abby Taylor loves animals so much that she gives off big horse girl energy. When she’s not busy abducting cats from her local Chipotle, you can find her working at her crime-infested Baskin-Robbins or crying with two peace signs up listening to some sad indie music. You may know Abby as the girl who doesn’t wear shoes in the hallway or the girl who rolled down the infamous hill. And yes, the rumors are true, Abby does stay this sun-kissed year round, aren’t you jealous? Maybe it can be attributed to her pescatarian diet. Or is she vegetarian? The world may never know. Be sure to look out for her articles as A&E editor this year.

Caroline Tyler

If you’ve seen a 5’ 9’’ blonde sprinting into school at 8:59 am with an empty venti nitro cold brew with three shots of espresso in hand, you already know Caroline Tyler. She shows up to school the same way she does all of her schoolwork: almost late. But what can you expect, she’s busy liking UVA related tweets every millisecond and driving to Goochland with a Ronald Reagan cardboard cutout in the passenger seat and girl power country music blaring from her speakers. Did I mention, she’s a two-sport athlete-student? Yes, that’s right, an athlete-student (not to be confused with the common student-athlete). The only thing that Caroline loves more than her sports is the Commonwealth of Virginia. So, be on the lookout for when Caroline Tyler becomes governor in 2032. For now, however, keep your eyes open for the articles Caroline writes for the Commentator as Sports Editor.

Abby Zorn

Abby Zorn is full of secrets. Although she’ll show you pictures of her life in Jordan, she is mum on the topic of her dad’s work there; apparently it’s covert. And what are those mysterious characters in her Instagram bio? (My research suggests that it’s Arabic, but the world may never know). One thing Abby is clear about is her faith. She is a proud Christian as well as an escapee of the NOVA swimming cult. So if you need to find Abby, check church first, the pool second, and if all else fails, book a flight to the Middle East. As for now, Abby is spending her time as a Design Editor and the Social Media Coordinator for The Commentator.