Meet the Senior Staff

Kendall Betz

If you own a dog, you and Kendall Betz would get along great. Although, Kendall’s dogs are probably much better trained than yours. She is a fierce competitor in dog agility with her dog Rosie. A center kid in every sense of the word, Kendall never misses an opportunity for extra credit and stays organized with her favorite pens, Sharpie pens (not to be confused with Sharpies, which bleed through the paper). She is passionate about Camp Greystone, her summer home since 1st grade, but not English. Ironically, she’s a Features Editor for The Commentator.


Anastasia Branch

A self-proclaimed “Christmas enthusiast,” Anastasia Branch can’t get enough of that candy-cane filled holiday. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, Anastasia rushes to dig out her tacky lights and fake reindeer so that she can get into the holiday spirit as soon as possible. Anastasia’s other great love is the beach- Nags Head, to be precise. If you can’t find her strolling barefoot down that stretch of sunny shoreline, you’re likely to find Anastasia curled up under several layers of blankets (she’s always cold), binge watching The Bachelorette. Or you might find her walking her pint-sized Yorkie while checking the forecast for snow. Whatever she’s doing, you can be sure that Anastasia’s always got one ear open for news as an Editor-in-Chief of The Commentator.


Jacob Brann

Jacob Brann, News Editor for the Commentator, is a senior at Freeman participating in many clubs and groups at Freeman, such as Model UN and Scholastic Bowl. He has a great love for food, considering himself a “stack lord” of Genghis Grill.  He also eats weekly at Westbury and MOD Pizza. While not putting much loved hours into writing for The Commentator, Jacob enjoys running year round at Freeman for Coach Reutinger, reading, writing, and spending time with his family and friends, particularly his cat, Oreo.  On the weekends, Jacob often works as a busser for local caterer Cater 2 Events, and attends church on Sundays at Trinity Lutheran.


Emma Burton

Always wearing mom jeans, Emma Burton is not like other girls. However, her Fjallraven Kanken backpack and extensive collection of scrunchies say otherwise. With her obvious quirky personality, you can spot Emma in any crowd rocking some groovy dance moves, despite being a show choir dropout. Although, that’s not the only thing she’s dropped. With a history of stumbling over her own feet and attempting to balance books on her head, Emma is ready to take on any challenge that falls into her lap. Especially when it relates to turning in her The Commentator article on time.  Emma is an Arts and Entertainment and Backpage Editor for The Commentator.


Timmy Dillard

When you first meet Timmy, you might just think he’s a pretty chill, or even boring, journalism student. He wears a pretty similar outfit every day, which is probably khaki pants, a hoodie, and some grey running shoes. You will often find Timmy driving around the West End in his inconspicuous Honda Accord, or at SCOR downtown coaching a soccer team of 5-year-olds. While he doesn’t actually know how to play soccer at all, he’s kind of a god at volleyball, but no one cares about that – not even Timmy.  Timmy is a News Editor for The Commentator.


Ashton Doll

Vice president and homecoming prince of Freeman’s Red Cross club, Ashton Doll has lived on the Earth for a while now. He’s tried and failed at many tasks, but he feels that The Commentator may be his big break. Recently, he’s become very talented at running, almost always beating everyone in the slower heats. A humble speedster, Ashton has the humility of Socrates while he gracefully destroys all of his opponents. At a taller than average height of 5’10, you can feel his masculine beauty when you walk past him in the halls. He is always tired, so if you see him please give him some coffee; he really needs it. When he’s not at school, you can catch him driving his Infiniti which his grandparents gave him. Ashton has become quite unproductive due to his terrible sleeping habits, but that won’t stop him from working hard as an Opinions Editor for The Commentator.


Holly Doustout

Flaunting basic blonde hair, blue eyes and scrunchies on her wrist, you will have a hard time finding token leado Holly Dousout in the crowd. A prime example of the saying jack of all trades and a master of none, Holly is average at sports, academics, organization, and just about everything. She may be a senior but she still doesn’t have her license or a car so if you wanna be her personal Uber driver then hit her up, otherwise you may catch her rolling through town with her mom in her white Honda Accord (don’t be too jealous of the whip). If you hate Christmas, agree that pineapple belongs on pizza, and prefer Spanish over English, then you and Holly will get along great. When she’s not arguing about the benefits of socialism with her conservative parents or making memes, Holly could be writing some awesome articles as a Features Editor for The Commentator.


Mary Cooper Frank

Mary Cooper, or as her close friends call her “Mary,” is one of a kind. She has a smile that can light up whichever room she walks into. She is one of those people who is as intelligent as she is kind, which is saying something. She loves to hangout with her three best friends Olivia, Gina, and Caroline. Mary Cooper hopes to study business in college. Any college would be honored to have someone with her character at the university. Mary Cooper is one of the best people you will ever meet and will no doubt give you a great impression that you will never forget.  Mary Cooper is an Arts and Entertainment Editor for The Commentator.


Joseph Harrell

As Mr. Peck’s unofficial adopted son and token leado, you’ll never catch Joseph Harrell in the same college sweatshirt twice. When he isn’t managing his little brother’s famous Instagram, you’ll see him trying to become an officer in as many clubs as humanly possible (we’re pretty sure he’s been preparing for college apps from the day he was born). We’re not sure whether Joseph’s car being a huge Chevrolet Silverado is him compensating for something or has to do with him being a wannabe country boy trapped in Wyndham, regardless we still love Joseph as an Editor-in-Chief of The Commentator.


Leo Lombardi

Leo is a dedicated football and soccer player. When he’s not reffing a soccer match, he likes to eat everything in sight and make cookie sandwiches for his journalism friends. He also loves to read books. Often you will find him curled up on the weekends with one of the Harry Potter books. He is certainly a huge fan of the culinary and literary arts, and is a Sports Editor for The Commentator.


Lanie Moore

When not writing articles and designing the centerspread of The Commentator as its Managing Editor, Lanie Moore can be found gliding across the James River in a rowboat, guiding and encouraging her teammates as head coxswain of River City Crew. After leading her rowers to success at regattas, Lanie selflessly spends her afternoons tutoring an Egyptian refugee through her church’s tutoring program. Obviously, this well-rounded student is dedicated to caring for other people and the environment, but with this busy schedule, Lanie deserves to spend some more time to herself to catch up on her sleep!


Ella Mortimer

Meet Ella Mortimer. When Ella is not writing as an Online Editor-in-Chief, she is swimming, playing tennis, or running. She is an athletic beast and plays a sport year round! She also manages to be a top grade student and still has time to pursue her hobbies. One of Ella’s favorite things to do is spend time with her two dogs and two cats. She loves her pets! Not only are we lucky to have Ella on our staff, we are lucky for her brownie bites. She is an incredible cook and can be seen cooking anything from Boba tea to her signature brownie bites. Just ask Keya, her number one brownie bites fan, how good they are!


Alexa Mosley

Want to get into a 12-hour long debate over anything from politics to baseball? Well then Alexa Mosley is your kind of girl. Even if you’re into 5’10 girls, you still won’t win Alexa’s heart, which belongs exclusively to MLB stars. Although she is obsessed with anything sports related, if you catch her fist bumping in the hallway it’s likely because her tennis practice got canceled. Unfortunately, her favorite football team being the Green Bay Packers is incredibly ironic since she must have a parka on even if it’s 60 degrees outside. Who would’ve thought that the female embodiment of George Bush would be an Online Editor-in-Chief of our very own Online Commentator?


Keya Pokhriyal

If she’s making TikToks you’ll likely see her… uh… doing… actually that’s about all she does. She also loves to eat. She also loves to sleep. But if you’re not busy watching her imitate her icon Charli D’Amelio, then make sure to check out her articles as an Opinions Editor for The Commentator.


Riley Wilkes

Drama enthusiast Riley Wilkes couldn’t go one day without finding out some new tea. Riley will know something about you before you even know. When he’s not catching up on gossip, Riley likes to sing songs in his car and send videos of his singing to his friends. Riley believes that he is a good singer, but I think his friends would disagree. Riley has a very strong personality and isn’t afraid to put himself out there. He recently started a podcast called Gossip Happy Hour so that he can continue his passion for drama and commentating. Aside from his podcast, Riley works at Bath and Body Works. He is very into pampering himself and skin care. Riley is a Sports Editor for The Commentator.