Staff Style Guidelines

Style for Newspaper:

  • Font: 10 pt Calisto Mt
  • Leading: 11pt
  • Caption: Bold, 10pt
  • Photo Credit: Regular, 8 pt (white)
  • Alignment: Left Justified
  •  To make sure there is 0 pt space in paragraph space:
    • In InDesign go to Type
    • From Type go to paragraph
    • 0 pt space
  • Lines on the top of every page
  • All pages need 2nd line at top of page
  • Lines should be 1pt thick
  • There should be 10 spaces between 1st and 2nd line

Online Article Format

  • Any legible font and size
  • No extra space in between paragraphs
  • Do not indent or include space to begin articles, they should simply begin a new line
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